JAWA Bike Specifications & Features Detailed Overview

By | November 24, 2018

Small History of JAWA: Frantisek Janecek, founder of the JAWA Company. He was completed his degree in mechanics from Berlin college of engineering in Prague, and he started this JAWA company in 1929. JAWA 500 OHV was the first bike came from the company. This was the 500cc capacity of the engine. JAWA started manufactured of 500cc engine in that 19th century only.

And they entered in Indian Automobile market in the year of 1960 and JAWA 250 A Type was their first bike India. That time Indian roads were completely dominated by scooters and bullets but this JAWA gave strong competition to those models. JAWA India launched 23 different two-wheeler vehicle models from 1960 to 1996. In the year of 1996 JAWA shuts door due to various reasons, they left India in the year 1996.

2018, is the great year for bike and bullet lovers India, because the big boss JAWA hit back India with 3 unique bike models. One of the model is JAWA bike.


Specifications of JAWA 2018 bike:

Engine: powerful 300cc engine Torque: 28nm of torque
Strokes: 4 Stroke Engine Front tyre: 90/90-18 and Rear tyre: 120/80-17
Engine Cylinder: Single Cylinder Engine Suspension System: Telescopic Hydraulic Fork & Gas Canister Twin Shock Suspension on Front and Rear side
Cooling type: Liquid Cooled Engine Front Brakes:  2800mm Disc ABS
Gearbox: 6 speed gear box Rear Brakes: 153mm Drum brake
Engine: DOHC based engine for greater performance Fuel Tank: 14Liter fuel tank capacity
BHP: 27BHP for providing more power Wheelbase: 1369mm of wheel base

Powerful 300cc Engine:

High power will be generated by the 300cc engine. It helps to give high performance with better riding experience to the rider.

4 Stroke Engine:

This helps to achieve high speed than 2 stroke engine. This 4 stroke engine has four different pistons (Intake stroke, Compression Stroke, Power Stroke and Exhaust Stroke). By this 4 stroke the engine will become bulky and more weight but surely this will gives you high power to enjoy more speed riding experience.

Single Cylinder Engine:

To give the best performance and some millage this cylinder help. Multi-cylinder gives high power than this, but when it comes to mileage matter, it’s too low. So, this single cylinder delivers high performance and better mileage.

Liquid Cooled Engine:

Single cooled engines will deliver more torque/power than air cooled engine. The liquid helps to cool the engine and it controls the engine temperature.

27 BHP:

You can observe other company bikes which are engine capacity of 350cc & 500cc, their BHP is 19.2BHP for 350cc and 27.2 BHP for 500cc. But new JAWA bike has 27BHP in the 300cc segment range of bikes. So obviously it’s a great deal. This 27BHP helps to achieve 0-60kmph in just 5.5 seconds. And the maximum speed of JAWA bike is 121kmph in 30 seconds. So to feel the high-speed experience you can go for this. But, JAWA officially not revealed the top speed. These are tested by specialists.

Telescopic Hydraulic Fork & Gas Canister Twin Shock Suspension:

These different shock absorbers limit the suspensions while in the journeys. These absorbers give the smooth riding experience to the rider.

Front Break – 2800mm Disc ABS:

ABS indicating the Anti-Lock Braking System. It’s an electric system, that controls the disc brake of this vehicle, and when you press the full disc brake also, the bike won’t skid because of ABS. This breaking system really a works efficiently than normal disc braking system.  So, the rider can easily control the bike whatever the speed of the bike.


This JAWA bike wheelbase is 1369mm. This is the high wheelbase offering in this segment. Because other company bikes of 350cc or 500c bikes are having the same wheelbase. But JAWA offering the same wheelbase in this 300cc segment only, so more wheelbase available in JAWA bike.

Final Verdict:

This new JAWA bike comes up with a lot of modifications and advanced technology now. To feel the vintage style seating and great speed and for the thrilling experience you can choose JAWA 2018 bike. In all aspects like the engine, BHP, torque speed, seating style and to enjoy the maximum speed within seconds, if you do not consider the cost. This is the BOSS of all the other bikes bow. The BOSS will beat the automobile market in January 2020. Bookings are accepting officially in JAWA website. Finally, ‘FOREVER BIKE, FOREVER VALUE”.

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